Terms and Conditions

We know most people tick the box without reading them….but here are our comprehensive Terms and Conditions and it is essential that you read them. Please contact us if you have any questions.

69 Campers
Terms and Conditions of hire
SARL rufus
190 Route de Fréjus
83440 Fayence

Siren 478 526 965
Siret 478 526 965 00023
Code APE 7711A
SARL au capital de 8000 €uros


“the Hire Contract” contrat de location

“the Hirer” the individual, company or body signing the contrat de location

“the Vehicle” or the camper van specified in the contrat de location

“the Company” SARL rufus sixtynine campers registered at l90 Route de Fréjus 83440 Fayence FRANCE, including where applicable its partners, employees, suppliers or sub-contractors acting on behalf of the company.


  • Submitting a booking form or paying any part of the hire fee implies full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by the Hirer and on behalf of everyone in their party.

    The Hire Contract and Terms and Conditions are subject to and governed by French Law. All claims and disputes are therefore subject to the jurisdiction of the French courts and as such any communication should be addressed accordingly in the French language


  • Drivers must at least 23 years old and have held a full licence for a minimum of 3 years at the start of the hire period.
  • Only drivers who produce a valid licence (which must be valid for the whole hire period) and who attend the hire depot in person are allowed to drive.
  • Photocopies, faxes and scans of licences will not be accepted.
  • UK licence holders must provide both parts of their driving licence – the paper copy and the photo card.
  • Any endorsements must be notified to the Company at the time of booking.
  • Licenses showing endorsements (points) will be considered on an individual basis.
  • Additional drivers may be added for a fee of €40 for the hire period provided they meet the criteria and conditions as specified above.
  • Failure to produce any of the required documents contravenes the Hire Contract and the Terms and Conditions. In the instance of an additional driver not being able to produce all relative paperwork they will not be permitted to drive the Vehicle. In the instance of the Hirer not being able to produce all relevant paperwork, the Contract will be cancelled with immediate effect. No refund can be made if drivers do not comply with these terms. Any drivers not included on the Hire Contract are not insured and are therefore driving illegally.


  • In addition to the driver(s) license(s), a valid passport must be shown for each person travelling in the Vehicle, as per the Hire Contract.
  • Photocopies, faxes and scans of passports will not be accepted.

Proof of Address

  • In addition to the driver(s)license(s)and valid passport(s)the Hirer must provide proof of address by way of a utility bill of no more than 3 months old.

Contents of the Vehicle

  • The hire of the Vehicle is inclusive of all contents and equipment that is defined by way of the Vehicle inventory to be agreed and signed for upon departure and return, including any extra items hired.
  • Any damage, breakages and missing items must be reported and paid for.
  • Quilts and pillows are included in the Vehicle only when bed linen is hired or is supplied by the Hirer.
  • The Vehicle is supplied with a gas bottle that can be refilled at outlets such as supermarkets and ironmongers. Refill costs during the hire period are at the cost of the Hirer.

Use of the Vehicle

The Hirer agrees that the use of the Vehicle is expressly limited and restricted to the Hirer and MUST NOT:

  • Use or allow the Vehicle to be used for any illegal purpose, race, contest or performance test of any kind.
  • Use or allow the Vehicle to be used on anything other than a surfaced public highway, private road, or driveway.
  • Use or allow the Vehicle to be used to tow any vehicle or trailer of any description.
  • Sublet or let the Vehicle to any other person.
  • Drive the Vehicle in an irresponsible manner, any damage deemed to be have been caused by inappropriate behavior, will be charged to the Hirer.
  • Transport more passengers in the Vehicle than are detailed on the Contract.
  • Allow the Vehicle to be overloaded by exceeding the axel weights detailed within the Vehicle.
  • Drive the Vehicle whilst under the influence of drugs or drink.
  • Carry passengers or goods in the Vehicle for hire or reward.
  • Use the Vehicle when it is damaged and unsafe.
  • Operate or allow the Vehicle to be used when in breach of any legislation, regulations, rules or by laws relating to road traffic and use.
  • Take the Vehicle to any ski resort between the months of November and April.
  • Smoke in the Vehicle, it is prohibited at all times.
  • Use a commercial car wash or jet wash.
  • Allow an animal in the Vehicle at anytime.
  • Under any circumstances change the appearance of the Vehicle in any capacity interior or exterior. Any proposal for the purpose of advertising must be submitted to the Company prior to booking. No changes can take place without the express permission of the Company; any agreement that concerns the exterior of the Vehicle will be subject to an additional deposit charge of 500,00€.
  • Commercial hire for advertising use; this is strictly prohibited without the express permission of the company. Any request must be put in writing and approved by the company and all resulting images to be approved before publishing.

The Hirer MUST:

  • Maintain the Vehicle’s oil and fluid levels to the specifications as stated in the Vehicle info sheet.
  • Ensure the Vehicle’s tyre are maintained at the recommended pressures, front 2.8 bar (39psi) rear 2.8 bar (39psi). For the Porsche and VW California please refer to the sticker located on the door post.
  • Keep the Vehicle keys in their personal possession at all times and be able to produce the keys if the Vehicle has been stolen.
  • Ensure that when the Vehicle is in motion, passengers are seated in the designated seats, wearing the seat belt provided and comply with all applicable French laws that apply to children’s seats.
  • Only carry the passengers in the Vehicle who are detailed within the Hire Contract.
  • Ensure that when the Vehicle is in motion the gas is turned off and all internal and external doors and side windows are closed and properly secured.
  • Common sense to prevail for all things that are necessary to keep and maintain the Vehicle in its current state and condition.

Limited distance

Porsche and Classic VW Vehicles

  • There is a limited distance of 750 kms per week. The kilometer allowance will be adjusted pro rata for shorter bookings.
  • Additional kilometers are charged at 0.50 Euro’s per kilometer.
  • Classic VW vehicle Travel on the motorway at any time is strictly prohibited.
  • The Hirer must not drive more than 200 kilometers in one day, with a maximum cruising speed of 80-90 km/hr and a minimum engine ‘cool down’ period of 1 hour after 100 kilometers.
  • We ask that you do not drive more than 100 kilometers between 1pm and 4pm and when the weather is at its hottest. This is because the engines are air cooled and rely on the air to cool the oil temperature.

VW California

  • The VW California is limited to 2000 kms per week. The kilometer allowance will be adjusted pro rata for shorter bookings.
  • For the VW California travel is limited to the European Union and Switzerland.
  • Contact us if you need any advice for your travel plans.

ANY charges relating to the recovery of any vehicle from outside the stated regions will be at the charge of the client.

Insurance cover

  • Vehicles are covered by fully comprehensive Insurance for the duration of the Hire Contract signed by the Hirer.
  • Insurance cover is provided subject to acceptance of the driver(s) by the Company.

Insurance Excess

  • There is an Insurance Excess (Deductable) of €2000 for which the Hirer will be liable for in the event of any damage or loss to the Vehicle.
  • The payment by the Hirer for any damage or breakages to an item does not constitute a right of ownership.
  • Items that have to be replaced at the charge of the Hirer are subject, at the discretion of SARL rufus, to an administrative fee of 45€ per hour plus a fitting/time charge of 70€ per hour and associated kilometre rate of 0,50€.
  • The Insurance excess charge is applicable regardless of who is at fault.
  • Any costs incurred by the Company up the limit of the Insurance excess will be deducted from the security deposit and will only be refunded if we are successful in recouping the recovery and repair costs from any third party.
  • The Company does not offer additional insurance to cover the excesses in the policy.

Note: Where damage to the Vehicle is caused by collision with a third party vehicle, there must be a full report and clear identification of that vehicle with photographic evidence.

An Accident Report Form MUST be signed by all parties and submitted to the Company.

In addition to the Insurance Excess the Hirer may be liable to pay the Company an Accident Administration Fee of up to €100 plus TVA per incident.

The Insurance Excess applies to each and every incident or claim and not just the hire period.

The following losses are not insured and therefore the Hirer remains liable for the full cost of repair or replacement as a result of:

  • Damage to the interior of the Vehicle.
  • Damage to the underside of the Vehicle.
  • Damage due to neglect, misuse or unauthorised use of the Vehicle.
  • Damage due to freezing weather conditions (e.g. allowing the water system to freeze and cause burst pipes or fittings).
  • The loss of the Vehicle’s keys or locking the keys in the Vehicle, to include replacement locks if required.
  • Damage to tyres, wheels, mirrors and vehicle accessories.
  • Use of incorrect fuel (the correct fuel to use is unleaded petrol). The correct fuel is SansPlomb 98/95 no E10 95
  • Recovery of and damage to the Vehicle in the event that it has been driven on an unsealed surface.
  • Loss of or damage to the Vehicle’s equipment, including any additional items hired as specified on the Hire Contract
  • The insurance does not cover damage to or loss of personal belongings.

Accident damage and loss

  • ANY accident, loss or breakdown must be reported to the Company immediately.
  • The Hirer may also be required to complete an Incident Report Form or make a written statement on return to the hire depot.
  • Any incident involving another vehicle, damage to other property, injury to any party or theft of the Vehicle must be reported to the Police immediately and the Hirer must complete an Accident Report Form.
  • The Hirer must return a copy of the completed Police report to the Company.
  • In the case of the Vehicle being stolen, the Hirer must return the keys to the Company.
  • The Hirer is responsible for the full cost of the Vehicle if the keys cannot be produced.

Theft of the Vehicle

  • The Vehicle is covered by insurance in the event of theft.
  • The insurance is not valid if the Vehicle is stolen whilst the keys are inside it or if the keys cannot be produced by the Hirer following the theft of the Vehicle.
  • In this instance, the Hirers liability is not limited to the amount of the security deposit but to the replacement cost of the Vehicle

Termination of the hire contract

The Hirer acknowledges that the Company may terminate the Hire Contract and repossess the Vehicle at any time, without notification to the Hirer, and that the Hirer will pay the costs of repossessing the Vehicle, including towing charges if:

  • They are in breach of any term of the Hire Contract.
  • They have obtained the Vehicle through fraud or misrepresentation.
  • The Vehicle appears to be abandoned.
  • The Vehicle is not returned on the agreed return date or if the Company reasonably believes that the Vehicle will not be returned on the agreed return date.
  • The Company considers, on reasonable grounds, that the safety of passengers or the Vehicle is endangered.

Any damage to the Vehicle which prevents its continued use constitutes early termination of the contract.

  • Following any damage, the Company may require the Hirer to deliver the Vehicle to a location of the Company’s choice (including the Company depot) for assessment.
  • Only the Company or its appointed representatives may make an assessment of damage to the Vehicle and decide upon its continued use.
  • In the event that the Hirer cannot continue to use the Vehicle, there will be no refund for unused days of hire.

Breakdown and malfunction of equipment

  • The Vehicle is insured for Roadside Assistance in the event of a major breakdown.
  • The Roadside Assistance is limited to recovery of the Vehicle and delivery to the nearest garage.
  • It is the responsibility of the Hirer to contact the Company immediately in the event of any accident, incident or breakdown.
  • In the event of a breakdown that cannot be repaired, the Company will endeavour to provide a replacement Vehicle should one be available.
  • The roadside recovery insurance does not cover minor faults or failure of the systems in the accommodation part of the vehicle (such as the electrical system or fridge).
  • In the event of a fault with such systems, the Company will endeavour to identify a local repairer to assess and repair the fault and may require the Hirer to deliver the Vehicle to a location of the Company’s choice for assessment and repair during the hire period.
  • The Company does not offer refunds or compensation for any inconvenience or delay caused by a breakdown, fault or repair.

Security deposit

  • The Hirer must pay a Security Deposit of €2000 which will be made up of 2 parts, €1500 pre-authorised by a credit/debit card and €500 cash.
  • For the payment of the security deposit made by a bank card, the principal driver, the Hirer, must be the card holder. The Hirer accepts that this account is to be debited if any monies are deemed to be owed to the Company because of loss or damage.
  • The Security Deposit of €1500 can only be taken by a credit/debit card with the Visa or MasterCard symbol and will be pre-authorised but not debited from the card.
  • The Security Deposit of €1500 must be pre-authorised prior to collection of the Vehicle
  • The credit/debit card used must be valid for the duration of the hire period. Please check in advance that your credit limit covers this amount.
  • The Deposit of €500 will be refunded to the Hirer upon return of the Vehicle providing that the Vehicle is returned on time, undamaged, in a clean condition, with a full fuel tank and a complete and undamaged vehicle inventory as signed for by the Hirer.
  • The Hirer’s liability is not limited to the sum held as a Security Deposit and in the event of damage to or loss of the Vehicle, the total amount of the Hirer’s liability will be notified to the Hirer within 14 days of the hire finish date or 28 days should the Company need to refer to an external repairer or supplier to ascertain the cost of repairs.
  • The Hirer agrees to indemnify the Company for all costs, damages, expenses, claims and losses which the Company incur, suffer or become responsible for as a result of any act or omission by the Hirer which results in The Company being unable to receive full payment for such costs, damages, expenses, claims and losses under the Insurance cover, or for which The Company are unable to receive full payment under the Insurance cover.


  • To confirm the booking a non-refundable deposit of €300 is required. The full balance is to be paid 56 days prior to departure.
  • In the event that the booking is placed less than 56 days prior to departure, the hire price must be paid in full.
  • Failure to pay the full balance 56 days prior to departure will result in cancellation of the booking and loss of any monies paid.
  • Cancellation of the booking at any stage prior to departure will result in the loss of any monies paid. Cancellations can only be accepted in writing.
  • We suggest that you take out independent holiday cancellation insurance to cover any losses.
  • If the Hirer chooses to collect or return the Vehicle at a time other than the booked hire period no refund will be given.

Contract Changes

  • Each request for a change of a date or a name change will incur an administration charge of 25€.

Payment Schedule

  • Interim invoice – The deposit payment of €300 must be paid within 48 hours to secure your reservation. Payment details/options are detailed on your invoice. The Company cannot guarantee your dates after this point.
  • Final invoice – The final payment must be paid by the date stated on your interim invoice. Payment details/options are detailed on the interim invoice. The Company reserves the right to implement a surcharge of 10% for late payment and after 7 days reserves the right to cancel the reservation.
  • Failure to comply with the payment schedule contravenes the Hire Contract and the Terms and Conditions. Non-payment in all instances by the given dates will result in the contract being cancelled with immediate effect. No refund will be given.


  • The Hirer will be required to sign an acceptance that he/she has examined the Vehicle and that it is undamaged and in good condition and repair.
  • Specific exceptions will be noted on the Vehicle check out form at the time of departure.
  • The collection time for the Vehicle is 16h00 to 18h00 hours on the date of the Hire Period.
  • Upon arrival, the Hirer should expect to complete the Hire Contract, to leave a Security Deposit of €500 cash, to show a valid driver’s licence, all passenger passports, and a current utility bill and to inspect the vehicle before departure.
  • Please respect our collection times and allow around one hour for departure formalities and vehicle familiarisation.


  • The return time for the Vehicle is strictly no later than 10h00 on the agreed day of return.
  • The Hirer must return the Vehicle in a clean condition.
  • The Vehicle and its inventory will be checked for damage and any breakages/losses.
  • The Hirer will be deemed to have returned the Vehicle to the Company only upon completion of a Vehicle check-in form and the return of the keys.

The Company’s definition of a clean condition is:

  1. The toilet and the waste water tank must be emptied prior to return of the vehicle.
  2. All cupboards and rubbish bins must be emptied and the rubbish disposed of.
  3. The fridge must be emptied.
  4. The kitchen, hob and fridge must be spotless.
  5. The upholstery and curtains must be free from dirty marks.
  6. The floors must be swept and wiped clean.
  7. All crockery, cutlery, cooking utensils and glassware must be clean and ready to use.
  8. The bed linen must be stripped.
  9. The outdoor table and chairs must be clean.
  10. The Company reserves the right to charge a €150 plus TVA cleaning charge if the Vehicle is not returned in a clean condition.
  11. Should the fuel tank not be full, petrol will be charged at the rate of €3 plus TVA per litre plus a €25 plus TVA refueling charge.

Late return

  • If the Hirer is going to be late returning for any reason, the Company must be advised immediately.
  • Returning the Vehicle after the agreed return time, without prior agreement will result in a charge of €250 per day or part thereof.

Vehicle availability

  • If the reserved Vehicle is not available due to circumstances beyond the Company’s control, the Company reserves the right to substitute a comparable vehicle at no extra cost to the Hirer.
  • In the event that no substitute Vehicle is available the responsibility of the Company is limited to the return of all monies paid by the Hirer.

Violation of road regulations

  • The Company is not responsible for speeding tickets, parking fines or any other violations during the Hire Period.
  • The Company will supply the Hirer’s details to any authority requesting such information and will provide the Hirer with a copy of any traffic/misdemeanor contravention notice.
  • A €45 administration charge will be charged for each occurrence.
  • SARL rufus 69 Campers reserves the right to change the content of the Terms and Conditions, any changes taking immediate effect.